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Light conditions in the office 

kancelar 4Light conditions in offices are an important aspect of your workplace.

Lighting in the offices

The PPI Centre offices have three basic types of lighting:

  • ambient light
  • working light
  • strong illumination

For all three types you can also control the intensity of the light.

Darkening the office

Another element that contributes to improving your work conditions is the ability to block out outdoor light when necessary. The PPI Centre offices feature high-quality outdoor blinds. These blinds are controlled by an automated system allowing you to be in control not only of the light conditions but also temperature, sound insulation and safety.

Come and see for yourself!

Are you interested in the concept of a modern administrative complex with excellent transport accessibility and surroundings at considerably low prices?

Do not hesitate and let us know! We will be happy to show you around and give you more information about the benefits that you can use to develop your business!

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