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Heating and heat recovery 

Kanceláře v pasivní budově

Kancelář Brno - vytápění

When designing the PPI Centre in Brno we have put the greatest emphasis on saving energy on the heating and ventilation of the building. The total annual energy consumption on heating is under 16.3 MWh / year (according to PENB and energy performance indicators the building has been evaluated in category A – extremely energy efficient).

The building was designed to be extremely energy efficient including the heating source, which is a ground-water heat pump. This makes the PPI Centre complex very environmentally friendly. So, if you place an emphasis on environmental behaviour, the PPI Centre is an exceptionally attractive option for your office in Brno.

Kancelář Brno - rekuperace

Ventilation of the building does not use a classic air conditioning system, but an air recovery system. That is why staying in the ventilated rooms at PPI Centre offices is not only pleasant (both in the summer and in the winter), but also healthier. It helps you avoid frequent adverse effects on the respiratory tract of employees that are caused by the use of conventional air conditioning units.

Instead of using air conditioning, the offices are cooled down by cold water flowing through pipes in the ceiling, which is perforated to allow for the air to flow around and cool down. That is why the office is a welcoming place, because it does not cause bronchitis and other negative impacts associated with air conditioning.

Come and see for yourself!

Are you interested in the concept of a modern administrative complex with excellent transport accessibility and surroundings at considerably low prices?

Do not hesitate and let us know! We will be happy to show you around and give you more information about the benefits that you can use to develop your business!

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